Statistics and Finance

In the program "Mathematical Finance"
of the Master "Mathematics and Applications" (University Paris-Saclay)


"Statistics and Finance" is part of the second-year master program "Mathematics and Applications" in Paris-Saclay. Then, it is accessible to

• Graduated engineeers or graduates from a business school with a sufficient background in Mathematics

• Students who are registered in the last year of some schools of engineering

• Holders of a first-year Master degree in theoretical or applied Mathematics

• Holders of an equivalent diploma

In every case, a good level in probability and statistics (Master degree, first year) will be required. Some knowledge in finance and/or computer science will be an advantage. Selection will be based on application, potentially with an interview.

Applicant files will be evaluated according to the quality of the academic results, the level in mathematics, the coherence of the professional project and, the last but not the least, the motivations and the personality of the candidate.

Registrations have to be performed online, on the web site of the University Paris-Saclay. Please follow the procedure here:


Important Dates

February 1, 2019: applications are open on the Paris-Saclay site. Applications can be submitted at any time, until the site is closed. Applicants will receive a positive or negative response within two months after the submittion of their application.

June 30, 2019: Closure of the web site for applications.

Mid-July 2019: Final responses are sent to candidates.

End of August 2019: Start of the year (except for Ensae and similar students).

September 2019: Refresher courses.

Beginning of October 2019: Start of the year for Ensae and similar students. Start of courses in the master's programme itself.

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